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2013 Recipient: Courage For Youth

Although Courage For Youth has been working with youth, parents and educators for over a decade, the Tree of Hope funding has helped us take our programming to a new level. The Tree of Hope funding has allowed us to reach hundreds of students with our character building, leadership and relational aggression programs who otherwise would not have been able to afford such life changing programs. The funds have also given us the opportunity raise our profile in the community, to train more facilitators, develop an assembly program with follow-up sessions on choices and values for middle school students, and create attractive take-home materials for those who participate in our programs. We are grateful for the funding the Tree of Hope has provided as well as for the opportunities that such funding has allowed.

2012 Recipient: Fit4Defense

Fit4Defense is an interactive violence prevention and anti-bullying program that teaches assertiveness, self-defence and fitness as a means to inspire confidence and awareness in participants. The Fit4Defense program is delivered through a dynamic and interactive ten week curriculum. The goal of Fit4Defense is to assist youth in the development of autonomy through self-empowerment and esteem building, cultivating a sense of belonging in social relationships and community, the enhancement of competency through skill acquisition and creating opportunities for success to stimulate motivation for further achievement in recreational activities and sport. Thank you on behalf of our clients.